The journey from bean to bar supports communities.

Finding cacao farms that share our values is a key part of our chocolate making process. All of our cacao is ethically sourced, this means we pay sustainable prices for our beans to ensure the farms can uphold ethical practices and offer support to their local communities.

We genuinely believe chocolate tastes better when you know every detail of its creation.


Fazenda Camboa is the first farm we have the pleasure of featuring. Above all, they prioritise sustainable farming practices and offer generous support to the local community. The farm is certified organic, and sits within the northern stretch of the Mata Atlântica rainforest, on the east coast of Brazil. The farm runs adjacent to the Almada river, where cacao trees are woven through thick rainforest.

Owned by the Carvalho brothers, Arthur and Eduardo, the farm is producing high quality Trinitario hybrid and Forastero varietal beans. What makes this place so special is that all the cacao is grown and processed within the single farm location, a true single-estate.

The farm employs 65+ workers, many of whom live in the neighbouring village. In addition to providing a salary and equity incentives to workers, the farm also supports their community with invaluable contributions to the local school and bus network.

The Mata Atlântica rainforest

The Mata Atlântica rainforest


Harvesting starts by removing the cacao pods from the small, understory trees. They are cut open, their contents removed and placed into wooden sweatboxes covered with banana leaves. Depending on the variety, the beans will ferment for between three and seven days whilst earnest farmers rotate the beans to ensure an even fermentation.

With the beans now fermented, they must then be dried in order to reduce their moisture content levels from around 60% to 7.5%. Farmers spread the beans onto large drying beds where they lay under direct sunlight for up to seven days. Once dry the cacao beans are hand-graded, meaning only the best quality beans are packed into 65 kilogram bags. It’s from here that the beans begin their long journey to our little chocolate factory in Wellington, New Zealand.